Testimonial about Auction Direct Flowers

Auction Direct

Having found myself caught between a rock and a hard place with several UK wholesalers, they were either taking liberties on extortionate pricing or indeed being oppressively pushy and harassing me for sales; I received a chance introductory email from Auction Direct offering flowers at a price I thought to be reasonable, so I decided I had nothing to lose and gave them a go.

It is extremely stressful changing flower suppliers as any florist will appreciate, but Andy was a like breath of fresh air; not only were the flowers bought to order direct from Holland, Italy, France or from his rose suppliers in Africa, the reality was that when there were glitches (and let’s face it with a perishable commodity like flowers there are going to be one or two), he dealt with the matter immediately, never quibbling and always apologetic that things were not perfect first time.

A year on and it is fair to say he is possibly the most earnest, kindest and considerate wholesaler I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. I use Auction Direct as my primary wholesaler for all my Dutch auction flowers alongside my British suppliers. I always try to buy British wherever possible and I am aware Auction Direct are keen to get on board with supplying more locally sourced flowers here in the UK.  I wish them every success in adding to an already first class service.


Lindsey Kitchin

Event Florist

Owner The White Horse Flower Company